These features make the user uniquely identifiable within your application, meaning users can set up their profiles and keep track of their progress. Ideally, your sign-up process should be one-step and use social media or email credentials. The project scope and a set of technologies impact your future team structure.

How to Create an Educational App

In addition to educational videos, interactive quizzes and tests help drive engagement. That’s because a quiz forces app users to stay active when they’re using the app. Video content is easy to consume, and it’s what your audience prefers.

Educational apps for kids

It’s a known fact that people receive around 90% of the information around the world via their eyes. That is why creating a library of video courses and lectures is a good idea. Besides, the popularity of apps like TikTok and YouTube emphasizes the demand for good video content. The app’s design is a crucial element you need to pay attention to, especially if you are developing an educational app for kids. The design should be simple and intuitive so even the youngest kids can understand how to use it. If you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals who have experience in working with education apps, drop us a line.

Some people even combine online education with traditional schooling thanks to educational apps. However, there are plenty of competitors, so you need to be careful when finding your niche. He has 20+ years of experience helping startups and enterprises with custom software solutions to drive maximum results. Under his leadership, Space-O has won the 8th GESIA annual award for being the best mobile app development company.

Thus, researching your audience is an extremely vital step in the development of an educational app. There are various methodologies to undertake a human-centered approach. In fact, some educational platforms allow learners to access lectures for free; if the users want a certificate, they can pay for the certificate at the end of the course.

eLearning Market Leaders Who Are They? Most Successful Educational Apps in 2023

Konstantin has worked with mobile apps since 2005 (pre-iPhone era). Helping startups and Fortune 100 companies deliver innovative apps while wearing multiple hats , Konstantin has developed a deep appreciation of mobile and web technologies. He’s happy to share his knowledge with Topflight partners. As for testing, we recommend adding automated tests with services like BrowserStack that allow you to test a mobile application for education on 2000+ real mobile devices. It’s also a good practice to run regression tests throughout development to catch the bugs after each significant iteration.

These apps allow users to access educational material at any location and time. Online courses provide learners with access to various resources, from textbooks to video and audio tutorials, to study online without difficulty. If you decide to buy a ready-made solution, you rely on somebody else’s knowledge of how to build an educational app. You can’t be sure that the code is clean, the app is bug-free, and nothing will break when you start scaling your product. Instead, if you decide to build an educational app, you’ll start from scratch. You’ll have complete control over the quality, and it will depend solely on the technical expertise of your team.

Depending on what platforms your app will work on, you will release your app in the Apple App Store or/and Google Play Store. Besides, it’s important to support your app after the release. It will maintain a good relationship between you and your audience.

To gain a competitive advantage and improve service are the main reasons why brands turn … The most popular and effective way to make money with an app is to monetize it. Once the app has been tested and received good ratings from both developers and the client, it is then prepared for publication in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In the previous section, we have already mentioned two basic ways of implementing your idea. If you are not a professional programmer or designer, there are two ways to find a solution.

A popular type of training app now is learning management systems. Large companies use such apps to unify multiple learning concepts that they want to provide for their employees. With the help of an LMS, training of company employees is carried out in a single common space, which is simple to analyze and evaluate. The development educational mobile application development team is in charge of developing the app as planned and customizing it to match your target demographic’s needs. Creating an MVP and a scaled MVP are parts of the technical build process. As a startup that works with the quickest time to market, you must establish a tight delivery timetable with the EdTech app development team.

You can easily mix features and add more modules to create a unique solution. But setting up the main direction will play a significant role in defining your target audience, development budget, and marketing strategy. Another advantage of mobile apps is the way that they teach. Unlike educational institutions or even online courses, mobile apps are entertaining to students.

Final Thoughts on Educational Apps

They adapt to the smartphone screen that we all are so used to which makes them more appealing to users. The 21st century is an era of technological advancement, so all parts of our lives are trying their best to keep up with progress, including education. Online schools, visual classrooms, social media groups, YouTube courses—the number of options to get the knowledge you want is almost infinite. The need for e-learning became even more acute recently, with the pandemic, lockdowns, and unstable political and economic situations in the world.

If the app is being designed for corporate use, it’s also helpful to keep in mind the roles of targeted employees. Below you can see an example of how Rouxbe Culinary Online School created video courses to learn cooking professionally. They can view the course program, information about teachers, price, reviews, and other details. The EdTech market is only gaining momentum, and it’s a great time to enter it with your own custom solution.

  • Remember, people rate apps when they have strong positive or negative emotions.
  • Duolingo, Word of the Day, and flashcard apps are great examples of the microtraining method.
  • Bloomz is an award-winning app to improve the coordination between teachers and parents.
  • Flashcards are considered an efficient and fun way to learn new things.
  • In many cases, the average user won’t always find learning to be fun.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful feature for creating a personalized learning experience. Using machine learning algorithms, an application can adjust the pace and complexity of learning to the student’s personal abilities. There are two main ways to cooperate with IT specialists — hire an in-house team or an outsourcing company. It’s easier to communicate with in-house teams, but they tend to cost more due to office rent, equipment for them , and some other things . On the other hand, developers from outsourcing destinations offer affordable rates in addition to the high quality of the product.

How To Assign A Feature As Your Home Screen Feature

Language learning apps make it possible for users to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Not only do such apps promote the concept of self-centered learning but they also enable users to improve their communication skills in a cost-efficient manner. This is the number one reason educational apps are so widespread.

How to Create an Educational App

This feature enables teachers to see the presence in classrooms of the whole class or specific students for a particular period. Due to the busy work schedules of parents, not all of them can devote enough time to studying with their kids. It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month.This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family. My apps are on the health niche, on prevention of non-communicable diseases. I make about 10000$ annually, and this is my side income, along with my main job. I enjoy having a passive income from apps built with Andromo.

Thematic learning app

For example, educational apps can have social media integrations to provide a faster sign-up process or enable users to share their progress online. The first step to take in building an education app is to choose its type. This doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to one type only.

Benefits of Schools & Universities App Maker

The stack is dependent on the application’s goals and objectives. The project development team analyzes and gathers information needed to create an EdTech app during the discovery stage. The group then assesses whether a project is usable, feasible, and viable based on what it learns. Similarly, the cost of mobile apps will increase significantly if you’re developing for wearables or connected TVs.

Without this phase, you may end up with a product built for the wrong audience. Therefore, you should identify market opportunities to set up your project for success. GoGuardian’s solutions are now present in over 10,000 schools and are used by more than 25 million students and 500,000 educators.

On the other hand, if the e-learning app you intend to launch comprises of complex interface and challenging functionalities, it will take at least 4-6 months or more. Are you a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start his own Edtech app development business? It’s not enough to create an educational app allowing users to gain new knowledge and get various skills.


If you create a translator, there is no point in making it paid because of many free competitors in the market. However, if your learning app has to feature some exclusive courses or resources, you’ll better charge your users for using it. Well-thought-out and efficient gamification is quite complex in educational mobile app development, but it’s worth it.

Your mobile app development team has a significant impact on the expense of an educational application. Therefore, it is essential to get some software outsourcing and education industry know-how. Finally, digital education also benefits from social features that allow users to connect and engage with your app as well as share experiences with other users.

In addition, this platform benefits both ordinary users and instructors. For example, one of the distinguishing features is Course Marketing. This feature allows teachers to promote their courses and create their own brand with a personal target audience. Marketing tools include retargeting ads, external partner promotions, email campaigns, search & discovery, and other useful tools for instructors. Admin panel offers a bunch of cool features to manage users.